A creative motion designer

with a passion for making spectacular animations

and amazing tacos.

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I grew up on the East Coast but recently made the long trek out West to join the Freed Motion team as their first full time employee. I graduated with a B.F.A. in New Media Design from Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. With my background in interactive and UI/UX design, I bring a unique perspective to motion design. My experience at Freed has helped mold me into a well-rounded designer able to work in whatever medium the job requires whether it be 2D, 3D or somewhere in between.

When I’m not captivated by design, I can be found snowboarding in the Rockies, grabbing a cold one at a local Denver brewpub, rooting on the Buffalo Sabres or curating my Pinterest page.

  2D/3D Motion Graphics

My true passion lies in motion design and animation. I have over 2 years of professional experience using Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects to create broadcast motion graphics for Freed Motion as well as freelance and personal projects. I have worked with clients such as Time Warner Cable LA, Continental, and Finish Line providing everything from large-scale broadcast packages to internal and business-to-business explainer videos.


Along side motion graphics, I also have experience editing video. I use both Final Cut 7 and Adobe Premier to make standalone edits or supplement my motion graphic pieces with exciting video cuts.

  UI/UX Design

Coming from RIT new media design, I have a very solid background in user interface and user experience design. I have also created motion graphics to supplement interactive installations and projections.